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A small but very strong coffee served in a demitasse cup. Gives a full bodied aroma and taste, crowned with a rich deep golden foamed head known as ‘la crema’.


A luxurious combination of espresso with equal quantities of steamed milk and foamed milk which can be garnished with chocolate, cinnamon or nutmeg.

Caffe Latte

A long refreshing coffee made with espresso and steamed milk. Served in a tall glass and topped with a small amount of foamed milk.

Café mocha

A delicious combination of espresso and chocolate filled with steamed milk and crowned with a swirl of whipped cream. An indulgent chocolate experience!

Iced Coffee

A cool combination of espresso coffee topped up with ice cold milk with a creamy taste to tantalize!

Mocha Freeze

A delicious ice cold version of the hot mocha!

Café Americano

Espresso topped up with hot water served black or with hot milk.

 Flat white

A double shot in a regular cup topped up with hot milk



Soya/ Oat milk add 10p

Espresso                                                   £1.95

Double espresso                                     £2.50

latte in a mug , 1 shot                         £2.75

 latte in a mug, 2 shot                         £3.20

Cappuccino                                              £2.50

Large cappuccino                                    £2.95

Large Cappuccino single shot               £2.70

Café mocha   in a mug                         £3.95

Americano (black)   1 shot                       £2.30

Americano (black) large   2 shot              £2.85

Large café americano (black) 2 shot     £2.75

White americano  1 shot                            £2.40

Large white americano   2 shot                   £2.95

Flat white                                                  £2.95

Portion of cream   / syrup                        £.55

Extra shot of espresso                               £.55

Hot chocolate                                           £2.80

Chocolate royale   (hot chocolate with whipped cream)           £3.35

Babyccino                                                  –

Kids hot chocolate                                   £1.70

Kids royale                                                £2.20

Iced coffee (white or black)                    £3.30

Ice-cream soda (Coke with vanilla ice-cream)         £2.90   

Steamers ( Steamed milk with flavoured syrup of your choice)        £2.25

Jones’s shakes      (Strawberry, raspberry, banana, chocolate or vanilla)              £2.90

Toddler’s shake                                      £1.00

Pot of tea for one                                     £2.20

Pot of tea for two                                     £4.40

Mineral water – still                                £ 1.95

Sparkling water                                       £1.95

Coca cola/diet coke/Ginger beer            £1.95

Sanpellegrino orange/ lemon                 £1.95

Large glass of milk                                   £1.50

Small milk                                                 £1.00

Orange or apple juice (large glass)         £2.30

Orange or apple juice (small)                  £1.60

Elderflower spritzer (seasonal)                £2.50

Squash (orange or blackcurrant)            £1.00

Kids Squash                                                   £.50


Take out prices

Soya/ Oat milk add 10p

Take-out coffees,              regular £1.95,           large          £2.45

Hot chocolate                                            £2.45

Milk Shake                                                  £2.45

Take-out tea                                             £1.20







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