Planting at Colehurst Vineyard began in 2007.  Originally purchased as land to produce market garden fruit and vegetables for the coffee shops. Half of the site is a south facing slope with free draining sand and gravel soils and so we decided to gamble on growing vines. We have planted 12 grape varieties, 6 Red and 6 White. The 4500 vines planted cover one and a half hectares and we harvested and vinified our first vintage in 2009.

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Our wines are on sale from market Drayton Jones’s Coffee House &Pizza House for £9.95

The Jones family has expanded and is now home to three generations of keen workers. When it comes to picking, ‘ Many hands make light work.’

This Year saw the addition of a new grape variety called Cabernet Franc. This was planted out over a terraced area of the vineyard, on a high slope. This area will provide good soil and lots of sunlight which will give the  new  vines the conditions they need to thrive.

2015 has been a monumental year for the family business and has been the turning point for the success of the vineyard. Our sparkling wine which has been readying over 3 years is set to go on sale in the New Year.

IMAG1246_1The family is busy pruning back the vines over the Christmas period and landscaping other parts of the Vineyard. We removed one of the fruit compounds which will now give us the space to continue planting more vines over the left hand side of the slope. Fingers crossed 2016 doesn’t give us any late frosts and the year provides good weather for a good Harvest.

_DSC3476edit2(10x8)procontrast copyJones’s Madeline Angevine 2014 is available for sale at the Market Drayton premises & is also served as our house white wine. If you are interested in purchasing a bottle, off  sale price is £9.95 per bottle .You can also contact us via are email for orders in excess of £30.