Planting at Colehurst Vineyard began in 2007.  Originally purchased as land to produce market garden fruit and vegetables for the coffee shops. Half of the site is a south facing slope with free draining sand and gravel soils and so we decided to gamble on growing vines. We have planted 12 grape varieties, 6 Red and 6 White. The 4500 vines planted cover one and a half hectares and we harvested and vinified our first vintage in 2009.

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The Jones family has expanded and is now home to three generations of keen workers. When it comes to picking, ‘ Many hands make light work.’

We continue to experiment with grape varieties.  We planted; Cabernet Franc, Pinot Noir early and late on  a terraced area of the vineyard, on a high slope. The early Pinot ripened but the other two did not, we will see what this year brings.

We are now blending our white grapes to produce Jones’s Colehurst Dry White, £9.95. for 2019.  We have a good stock of wine which we have organised into a tasting box, available for home delivery within the local area priced at £49.95. The five whites and a Rose’ are: Colehurst Dry White (CDW) 2016/17, CDW 2017, CDW 2017/18, CDW Solaris 2018, CDW Phoenix 2018 and Colehurst Rose’ 2018. We also produce by the traditional method, by hand, Jones’s Sparkling Dry White and Sparkling Rose’ £19.95. Our wines are available for sale from Jones’s Whitchurch and Market Drayton for home delivery and Whitebridge Wines, Stone, RDW wines Nantwich, Battlefield 1403, Blue Diamond garden centres Bridgemere and Trentham.

FireWinter pruning went well, the Covid 19 lock down gave us plenty of time to prune, weed, tie down and spray.  Bud burst was early due to fine weather in April and we had a green flush of shoots across the Vineyard.  Unfortunately Jack Frost visited over 4 nights from 10th April to the 14th and despite big bonfires, he took the lot.  We are wishing for an Indian summer so the secondary buds can mature in time before Jack returns.   Our small flock of Ouessant and cross Babydoll sheep had 9 lambs in April, all doing well and were sheared on the 15th April. The flock now numbers 29.

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The tasting box is available for home delivery. Contact us by email, phone or social media and we will arrange payment over the phone and delivery. Priced at £49.95, a discount of 16% on the retail price  you can chose your favourite and customise future orders.

Our Red is Regent 2017, we have bottled an oak cask and have about 200 left from this barrel. It’s very different from the previous long skin contact high tanning Rondo 2014, this was a short skin contact and ferment producing a lighter, fruitier drink which we like seved chilled at lunchtime.

Minimum order for free delivery a box of 6 or 2 sparkling.

Tel 07783 278090, email;


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